Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our Veteran Friends

Some of the people in need of temporary help from Humanitas have served in the military.   These are stories from veterans who visited us during the month of June, 2014.

Sam sought help from the entire church network for pre-paid gasoline cards to defray the cost of driving to Pennsylvania where he had been offered a job in his chosen profession of an airplane technician. He had worked in this capacity for a major manufacturing company both here and overseas, and because of his job and his military service, had lived in over 40 countries.   His  last assignment was in Saudi Arabia where he was accompanied by his family.   Sadly, their compound was badly damaged and many people were killed when a truck, filled with dynamite and driven by a suicide squad, was deliberately blown up at the gate.  As a result of this horrendous experience, Sam was afraid to let his family out of his sight.  On returning home, he was unable to work, and lived on savings, now depleted.  To leave his family behind in Bellingham while he drove to Pennsylvania was a big step--for all of them.   His plan was that once he had a regular paycheck and a place to live, his wife and four children would join him.   We gladly gave him a voucher for gasoline.

Natalie, living on a disability check, sought help to pay a power bill.  She wept because she had never had a shutoff notice in her life, and it had created a great deal of anxiety for her.   Thankfully, we were able to advise her to seek assistance from Opportunity Council and the American Legion, as the amount she required was more than we could put together.   In our small way, we offered alternative assistance, and she accepted a voucher for gasoline, as well as a quiet place to tell her story.

Matthew needed rental assistance.   Living on disability because of a painful back injury sustained in the military, he had used his monthly rent money to drive to Alberta to pick up his ten-year-old son from a mother who could not properly care for him.    In spite of pledges from our faith network, Matthew still fell short of what he needed, and was very worried.   Enter his friend--who gave him the balance.

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